Waypoint Projection

Compute a waypoint projection from a starting location given a distance and a bearing (angle). In geodesy, this is called the "direct problem".

Enter coordinates.

A note on coordinate inputs

You may enter all kinds of coordinate formats into the coordinate input fields ‐ the site uses a fuzzy coordinate parser that tries to recognize everything you input.

Examples for recognized coordinate formats:

  • Geocaching style (HDM): N 47° 59.906 E 007° 51.674
  • Decimal lat/lon pairs: 48.123 7.56789

If you want to use the coordinates of your current location, just click on the button next to the coordinates input field.

A note on computations

The geographic computations on this site are performed with the JavaScript version of GeographicLib using the WGS84 ellipsoid and may differ from the computations on other sites where other methods are used.